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Cedar Falls Tree Service is a family owned company serving North Bend, the Greater Eastside and well beyond with over 18 years of tree maintenance experience.
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Tree Service North Bend

We enjoy an abundance of trees in North Bend and surrounding Eastside cities.  Trees need maintenance, however, to maintain their health and beauty.  It essential then, to rely on a qualified company to perform tree service in North Bend.

In your yard, you may have different varieties of trees that require different levels of care. You need to make sure you do the right things at the right time, otherwise, you risk damaging or killing the tree.

Therefore, using a Cedar Falls Tree Service is best to make sure the tree is getting the best care.

Using a professional, experienced tree service in North Bend, Washington can help you keep your trees healthier, greener, and free from disease.

Cedar Falls Tree Service strives to provide quality,  excellence and customer satisfaction in every job we complete.

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Our Services

Cedar Falls Tree Service provides services to the greater Eastside, Seattle Areas and well beyond.
cedar falls tree service emergency tree services

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal

When a tree needs to be removed it is best to request a professional arborist (tree surgeon) do this.  Cedar Falls Tree has the experience to safely complete a tree removal. Without experience, you are risking causing damage to yourself or your property if you cut the tree down incorrectly.

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Tree Removal

We remove all types and sizes of tree from even the most hard-to-reach location.

No job is too big or too small for Cedar Falls Tree Service.  We provide crane tree removal when needed to minimize damage to your yard or property.  Commercial and residential.


cedar falls tree service tree trimming

Tree Trimming and Pruning

To help your trees become stronger, healthier, and to live longer it is important to trim them on a regular basis.

We have experience to know what to trim and when it’s the best time to do so.  Keep your trees healthy with regular trimming.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is performed as an alternative complete stump removal.  With stump grinding Cedar Falls tree Service will remove the tree down to a stump.  The stump is then ground down to just below the grade.  Grinding is completed with specialized stump grinding equipment.

cedar falls tree service logging


Our services include Logging, Excavation and Landscaping.   

We provide full service excavation services from land excavation for site preparation  and more.

We also provide landscape services to beautify your home or property.



We provide seasoned or non-seasoned Northwest softwood and hardwood mixes to burn long hours on those cold, wet Washington nights.

We can transform your tree removal project to usable firewood.